Wapiti Valley Wyoming Tourism

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Buffalo Bill Dam

President Theodore Roosevelt once called this valley the “most scenic 50 miles in the world!” As you travel today’s modern U.S. 20/14/16 through the Wapiti Valley, you’ll note that it follows the course of the north fork of the Shoshone River.

Like the river, you’ll wind your way through Shoshone Canyon and Rattlesnake Mountain, crossing your way into Region 2 where you’ll thrill to the view of Buffalo Bill Dam and State Park. The colorful rock formations you’ll see on this drive have colorful names: Playground of the Gods, Chinese Wall, Chimney Rock, Hole City, Laughing Pig, The Palisades and Henry Ford Rock.

Visit Codette Lake and try to catch a trophy size fish, or take a leisurely canoe trip from Wapiti to Nipawin. This is great country for camping and picnicking in established sites. If you enjoy bird-watching, there are excellent trails available for you. Also, you might visit the fine resorts and dude ranches whose staffs are certain to welcome you along the way.